In Nassau County—and, indeed, all over the country—Girl Scouts is a house-hold name. It’s not hard to see why. The brown sashes, overlaid with sewn-on badges; the green vests on the young women volunteering in communities across the county; and, of course, the boxes and boxes of Girl Scout Cookies on countertops across the country—these are iconic images in America. Everyone knows the Girl Scouts, and everyone loves the Girl Scouts.

  • Created engaging video campaign for social media.
  • Created four pop-up exhibits at  locations throughout Nassau County, transforming Girl Scouts memorabilia and old uniforms into the centerpieces of amuseums.
  • Founded Operation Cookie, a program that would allow people to donate a box of girl scout cookies to service men and women overseas. 

However, a high level of brand awareness and a sterling reputation does not mean that an organization has no use for a public relations firm (one is reminded now of the old question: Why does Coca-Cola still advertise?). In fact a high level of brand loyalty and respect often means a high level of customer expectation as well. When people are used to exceptionalism from your brand, then exceptionalism is what you must deliver. This is especially true for nonprofits and organizations that rely on memberships.

When the Girl Scouts of Nassau County partnered with ZE Creative Communications we immediately initiated programs and campaigns that underscored and highlighted the immense social and civil value of Girl Scouts and the tremendous benefits the organization has on young women and the community.


ZECC understood that social media would be a central component of our campaigns; after all, many parents of young girls are now millennials, people who grew up online and plugged in. Using social media allows us to target parents and increase enrollment. One highlight of ZECC’s social media campaign is the emphasis we place on video content. Recently, ZECC engaged with current and former Girl Scouts of Nassau County who had been featured in years prior on the famous cookie boxes. We brought each of the Nassau County Girl Scouts in and produced videos featuring them talking about what it was that made their time with the Girl Scouts special. The video campaign had tremendous feedback; it had a significant boost to Girl Scouts of Nassau County social media channels, grew the audience and had a surge of new engagement. In total, the short videos were watched for over 150 hours.


While working with the Girl Scouts of Nassau County, ZECC helped plan for the group’s 100th anniversary. Our team of creative thinkers, event planners, and design professionals created four pop-up exhibits at four different locations throughout Nassau County, transforming Girl Scouts memorabilia and old uniforms into the centerpieces of exciting and nostalgic museums. Partnering with elected officials throughout Nassau County, we were even able to have the dome of the Nassau County Administration Building in Garden City lit in commemoration. The pop-up exhibits not only provided a fun and inviting trip down memory lane for former Girl Scouts and their families, it also underscored a crucial and important message about the Girl Scouts: This is an organization ingrained in the history and fabric of our community, and it should be maintained.


The Girl Scouts are first and foremost an organization that teaches important values to young women. ZECC knew that it had to highlight this values-based mission and show the community and prospective parents just how much good these young women were able to do via their association with the Girl Scouts of Nassau County.  With this in mind, ZECC created Operation Cookie, a program that would allow people who might not otherwise buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies to donate a box to service men and women overseas. Because of this initiative, ZECC has helped the Girl Scouts of Nassau County send over 771,000 cookies to our heroes abroad , giving them a small reminder of home. The program is in 14th year and has consistently received great press coverage.