Who we are.

Our reputation as Long Island’s leading creative communications agency is only possible because of  the people on our team. We are innovators, critical-thinkers, foodies, and Rubix Cube-solvers. We are people with big ideas. 

What we do.

ZE Creative Communications has clients in the private, public, government and nonprofit sectors. We create strategic communications plans, uniquely tailored to our clients’ specific goals and needs. At the core of what we do is a relentless drive to connect our clients with the people and constituencies that matter most.







Our Work.

Our product is the result of a process. We brainstorm, develop a strategic plan, brainstorm a little more, organize, perform and review. We look for insights, solict feedback and refine our methods. Everyone has a story waiting to be told. For over three decades, we’ve taken our clients’ stories and connected them to the people who matter.

COVID-19 and Crisis Communications
Navigating a constantly evolving crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic demands an expansive, coordinated and strategic crisis communication plan. ZE Creative Communications has worked with our clients to bring them the support and tools necessary to navigate the challenges of this new reality while keeping existing long-term goals on track. With the significant communication demands a crisis like that we are facing today places on organizations,  it’s more important than ever to have the resources and experience a dedicated crisis communication firm can offer. At ZECC, we develop a communications strategy and work with our clients to:

  • Create clear and accurate communications to ensure the public is well informed
  • Provide media training and industry-specific communications coaching for clients to properly communicate with reporters
  • Tailor communications for specific target audiences
  • Research the coming storylines as a crisis unfolds
  • Monitor the news for misinformation and correcting the record

Investing in your organization’s crisis communications is the best way to be prepared and remain ahead of any challenge that might arise in the months and years ahead.