How do you make the case for a region? Do you talk up its natural beauty, bringing attention to its parks, forests, beaches or mountains? Or do you emphasize the cultural and social significance, highlighting the history of the region, pointing out its people, museums and restaurants? Or maybe you talk about business. You talk about the industries, about the diversity of jobs and opportunities. That last strategy is where the Suffolk Industrial Development Agency (Suffolk IDA) operates. Dedicated to retaining business in Suffolk County as well as attracting new business, the Suffolk IDA makes a simple and straightforward case for Suffolk to businesses and employers across the county: There’s no better place to grow your business than in Suffolk County.

The Suffolk IDA has its message, and it brought in ZE Creative Communications to get this message in front of the people that matter. The decision makers. In order to accomplish this, ZECC has engaged in a number of campaigns.

  • Created a comprehensive study on the pharmaceutical region.
  • Constant and continuous promotion of all major Suffolk IDA transactions.
  • Develop, revamped, and created a new, fully comprehensive Suffolk IDA website featuring a much more user-friendly interface.


ZECC provides constant and continuous promotion of all major Suffolk IDA transactions. When the Suffolk IDA issue incentives to companies to either stay on Suffolk or come here, ZECC promotes the transaction through local and regional media, taking a great amount of pride in being able to highlight these achievements in publications such as Newsday, Long Island Business News, Innovate LI, the New York Real Estate Journal and more. ZECC is also careful to make sure that all coverage conveys a subtle yet clear message: without the Suffolk IDA these businesses would go elsewhere, and because of the Suffolk DA,  jobs are created and the local economy grows. 


Both the Suffolk IDA and ZECC had been noticing, anecdotally, for years that there is evidence of a major pharmaceutical industry thriving on Long Island. Wishing to get ahead of this trend—and provide substantial, researched data to back it— ZECC and the Suffolk IDA created a comprehensive study on the pharmaceutical region. By providing the first exhaustive look into this emerging trend ZECC was able to position the Suffolk IDA at the forefront of the industry. This report enabled us to better understand the impact on Long Island while also gaining a clearer picture of the challenges operating within the pharmaceutical industry on Long Island so we are better prepared to meet these challenges, and the report has proven to be an instrumental factor in the continued growth and collaboration among the industry.


ZECC worked with our strategic partners to develop, revamp, and regenerate a fully comprehensive Suffolk IDA website featuring a much more user-friendly interface. ZECC wrote all the copy, updating obsolete copy that had reflected the state of economy five or six years ago, not today. Unlike the previous website, the new site now has the ability to capture who was coming to the website, allowing the Suffolk IDA to follow up with them with targeted email marketing. The website also streamlined the process for potential clients to contact the Suffolk IDA and generate leads.